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Search Office London’s comprehensive database of 1000’s of London office space available to rent, let, lease, purchase or buy. If you need further help or would like to information about offices not yet released to our database, please get in touch.

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Office Space London Acquisition

Office Acquisition Service

Via our Acquisition Service we can support you through the four key steps to finding a new office to rent in London. Contact Occupa for more information.

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Finding Your Office

We specialise in acting for tenants looking for conventional office space in London and negotiating the most advantageous terms, therein, substantially reducing our client’s costs and liabilities.

Define your needs

We will immediately begin to clarify your requirements with regard to location, size, lease length, budget, office specification.

Property Search

Following an exhaustive search we will prepare and send out to you a detailed list of all office spaces in London, including “off market” properties which fall within the scope of your requirements. After consulting with you, we will refine the list of possibilities.


Office Search London will arrange and accompany you to all viewings giving you the benefit of informed on the spot advice. Once we have completed all viewings we will evaluate the options assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each property.


Office Search London acts on your behalf, not on the vendor’s behalf. It is our job to get you best deal possible, to secure the most advantageous terms and therefore help you save substantially in both upfront costs and costs over the term of the lease and expiry. It is not only by negotiating a lower rent or securing a rent free period that we can save you money. We offer you strategic advice, lease structuring, caps on service charges and limit your repairing liability where possible. Such advice and negotiation has saved our clients tens of thousands of pounds, sometimes more than £100,000 over the term of the lease in many instances.

Legal Process

Many transactions abort because of the slowness of the conveyancing process where opposing solicitors sometimes fail to communicate effectively. Key information may not be forthcoming and the marketing agent may not be sufficiently proactive. We will keep a close eye on your deal. Where there is stalemate we will act to resolve any difficulties to ensure that even the most protracted deals are completed as quickly as possible.