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Search Office London’s comprehensive database of 1000’s of London office space available to rent, let, lease, purchase or buy. If you need further help or would like to information about offices not yet released to our database, please get in touch.

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About Us

Office Search London is the sister company of the highly-regarded commercial property consultancy, Occupa. Our free, easy-to-use search system helps you to filter thousands of office options across London and identify options that will meet your needs.

Our online search tool is backed by tailored, on-the-ground support from specialist London office search agents at Occupa which is personalised to exactly meet your individual requirements.

Office Search London Market Knowledge

Market Insight

The conventional leased office market in London is served by around 750 agents and it would be virtually impossible to deal with all of them on an ongoing basis, even if you wanted to. Read More

Our specialist market knowledge gained from more than 20 years in the sector means we’re the ideal one-stop shop for all aspects of commercial property across Central and Greater London. We have particular expertise in the West End, Midtown & City, Mayfair, Soho, Noho, Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Covent Garden, Victoria, Holborn, Bloomsbury, Kings Cross, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Shoreditch, Waterloo, London Bridge and many other central London office space areas.

Office Search London Negotiating Rental Terms

Negotiating Your Deal

The acquisition and disposal of commercial property, whether to let, for rent or to buy, can be complex, time-consuming and demanding. That’s why we handle the negotiation on your behalf, ensuring you get the right deal on the most advantageous terms possible.

Office Search London Off Market Rental Offices

Whole Market Opportunities

With a database that’s updated daily, we give you whole market access to all the possible office space options available at any given time. That includes not just publicly advertised office solutions, but also a host of off-market options we’ve become aware of through our market insight and networks.

Office Search London Rental Advice

Honest & Impartial Advice

Most property agents work in the best interests of their client – usually a commercial landlord or freeholder. In contrast, we work only in your best interests, ensuring you get the impartial advice and expert guidance – right down to the terms you sign and the price you pay. Read More

We act for you and not the landlord. We’re are here to find you the best office out there and negotiate hard on your behalf for the most advantageous terms. So while a landlord’s agent is there to get the highest rent and give away as little as possible, we do just the opposite.

Our aim is to get you the lowest rent possible, with the longest rent-free period and highest capital contributions. If it’s possible, we’ll negotiate a cap on your service charge and secure a schedule of condition attached to your lease to protect your repairing liabilities (known as dilapidations) at the end of the lease period.

Because we’re experts, we know exactly what’s in your best interests. That means we’ll make sure you don’t end up putting the office space back into a better condition than you took it in.

Because we’ve got years of experience in the sector, we can tell you things you haven’t even considered, allowing you to make an informed decision about which office space is right for you.

Office Search London Office Relocation

End-to-End Service

Our support doesn’t stop when we find and deliver your office space. We’re also here to use our experience and whole-market knowledge help you secure the services of the best contractors and suppliers to look after the fit-out, IT and legal requirements of your move. Read More

This unique approach to managing the whole of your project, from the moment you start your search to the moment you open for business in your new London office, means you get the benefit of informed advice and guidance, which means you can make informed decisions – saving you time and money in the long run.

Office Search London Project Management

Collaborative Working for Better Outcomes

Whatever your needs, however complex or simple the needs of your business, we believe in delivering an unrivalled service that works with and for you and puts you at its heart.

Why You Should Be Represented By A Commercial Office Agent

It may be tempting to try to search for the right office on your own, but there are many advantages to using an experienced and expert office search agent – especially in London.

Contact A Commercial Property Agent

An Easy Way To Contact All Agents

With more than 750 commercial office agents in Central London, most people would be doing well to reach out to some 20 or 30 agents. Calling even this small number would be extremely time consuming, and emailing them often results in few office options that fit your search parameters. We can contact them all on your behalf a number of times to ensure we deliver the offices spaces that most closely match your requirements.

Office Rental Legal Process

We’re Sector Experts

This process can prove to be extremely convoluted, with many pitfalls. We know some of our clients are tremendous negotiators within their own market sector, but how can you get the right deal if you don’t know what you’re negotiating? Our years of experience in lease structuring and negotiation mean we can negotiate the most advantageous terms for you, saving you and your company substantially – upfront, throughout your lease term and at lease expiry.

Offices To Let Database

Office Search London Database

Our database covers all the offices space available in London. We update this daily with the latest offices to rent and for sale as they are released the market and we also have access to properties not yet publicly listed. Please contact us for details of these offices before they hit the market.

Commercial Property Agent

You’re Our Client

The landlord’s or existing tenant’s agent is there to get the best terms for their client and is being paid by that client to achieve the highest rent and give away as little as possible. When you’re looking for office space and dealing with these agents directly, it’s easy to forget whose side they’re on. There are key things they won’t tell you – for example, whether you can achieve a lower rent than you’ve offered, or a longer rent-free period. They won’t advise you to negotiate a lease cap, photographic schedule of condition, carpet allowance or floor box allowance. But we will. We act for you and we’re here to negotiate the best terms. A poorly negotiated lease can cost your company substantially over the term of a lease and it’s not just about getting the rent reduced or rent-free period increased. Our experience means we think about the things you won’t even be aware of, to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Office Fit Out

We’re in the Know

We don’t just help you to find property, we also know trusted, efficient and reliable contractors and suppliers who can help you with the other elements of your move, like solicitors, surveyors, IT specialists and office fitters.


We Keep You in the Loop

Communication is the key to any stress-free property deal, however complex. So we make sure you’re in the know at all stages of the process and have the best possible advice to make the most informed decisions.

We strongly believe in working both for you and with you. However complex your needs or the size of your business we strive to offer a very personal service.

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