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IT Services

Our experienced team of consultant designers and fit out contractors provide IT services and expert advice for setting up your IT network.

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To minimise disruption when moving offices we can recommend a professional team of IT consultants experienced in working with businesses of all sizes. Our consultants have listed below the services they offer:

Inc. wireless, installing new and troubleshooting existing systems. When you have two or more computers you will probably consider sharing files, printers and of course your broadband connection. We can install wired or wireless networks, extend or fix problems on your existing network.
Computer Performance Optimisation
Getting your computer behaving again. Getting your computer under control and doing what you want can be challenging as it is continually being undermined by viruses/spy-ware and power hungry applications. We will use a number of techniques to get your computer working at its best and advise you if any of the software packages you are using are contributing to its downfall.
Broadband/ADSL set-up
New set-ups and troubleshooting existing systems. Although broadband should be straightforward, there are a number of variations depending on your ISP, router supplied and the ADSL plan you have subscribed to. Providing your broadband is fully activated we will install your router and link to your computer(s) as required. Where your broadband is playing-up we can investigate the issues and with the co-operation of your ISP get your connection working again.
Email Configuration
Normally for POP mail and collecting email locally. If you are not using web-mail then you are probably collecting your email locally using a program such Mozilla Thunderbird or (Microsoft) Outlook Express. The set-up and maintenance of these programs may be challenging for the inexperienced and more difficult when it goes wrong. We can set-up these programs and tackle any problems. Additionally we can advise on the set-up of email accounts on domains, e.g.
Hardware / Software Installations
Installing new computers and software packages
Remote Access Systems
Setting up remote access per customer preference. When you need to link to a computer in another location (often to access work files or work on it) you need the right solution, not just a well publicised one. We can advise and install the appropriate software to meet your needs.
Virus Removal / Prevention
Removing infections and installing protective measures. Unfortunately virus infections are still commonplace due to the persistence of virus writers who do it for sport or to damage your system. As with other computer problems many users attempt a DIY solution and then get the local “expert” to help. Today’s infections are written to resist removal so you need professional help to remove them. We can deal with infections, it is best to catch these early as they do more damage the longer they are active on your computer. We can also recommend and install protection. You should at least have an anti-virus, anti-spy-ware and a firewall to protect your computers.
Data Recovery
Recovering lost/deleted files (where possible). When you’ve lost your files through accidental or malicious deletion they can often be recovered. Starting with simple methods and escalating to sophisticated techniques we will attempt to recover your lost data. As with virus issues, the sooner we start, the better the chance of recovery.
Computer Consultancy
Unless you are lucky enough to have expert help on-hand, most businesses and individuals just blunder their way through computer systems, often wasting money on the wrong kit and services and skimping on the basics such as decent computers and backup systems. Let us guide you through the maze of technology and give you appropriate and cost-effective advice, allowing you to work effectively and avoid common pitfalls.
Office Moves
We can smoothly transact this process and advise on the computing side. Moving office can be a nightmare; there are lots of different aspects to manage to ensure you lose as little time as possible when you arrive at your new location. We can smoothly transact this process and advise on the computing side. We can dismantle and re-assemble your computers and attached devices and provide surveys of both premises pre-move to ensure you have adequate connections for your network and broadband at your new location.