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Office Space Soho

Soho is the beating heart of London’s night life, coming alive when the sun goes down. Rich in culture and with a long history of entertainment – in all its forms! – Soho has become the last word in neon-lit entertainment. Ideal for buzzy, cool businesses that want to be at the cultural epicentre of the city.

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63 Properties10152030
Office Space Soho
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About Soho Office Space

But it’s not just the nightlife that defines Soho. Over time the area has become the de facto homer to London’s media and entertainment industry. While a number of creative businesses have departed the Golden Square and surrounding area for places like Camden where they have space to grow, Soho remains home to some of the biggest entertainment brands in the world.

Soho is the perfect place for any business looking to make its home in London but is particularly well-suited to the creative sectors. There are plenty of places to meet clients or network with strategic contacts and the available office space is flexible and versatile, ranging from simple single offices to larger suits for bigger companies and services.

You can find your ideal office space to let in Soho by using our search page or calling us on 020 7423 1234.