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Search Office London’s comprehensive database of 1000’s of London office space available to rent, let, lease, purchase or buy. If you need further help or would like to information about offices not yet released to our database, please get in touch.

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How much office space do I need

How much office space do I need?

We can work with you to accurately determine exactly how much office space you need for your business. Search our listings for available offices in London.

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Measuring Up

For an idea of how much square footage you need please see the chart below. All sizes are in square feet. Contact us direct or use the message form and we will help you assess your size requirements.

Reception Area
Small 100
Medium 250
Large 400
Meeting Room
Small 150
Medium 200
Large 350
Open Plan Space
Small 60 per Person
Medium 80 per Person
Large 125 per Person
10 x Person
Small 600
Medium 800
Large 1250
25 x Person
Small 1500
Medium 2000
Large 3125
50 x Person
Small 3000
Medium 4000
Large 6250
Individual Offices
Small 100
Medium 150
Large 200
Small 70
Medium 100
Large 250
Store Room
Small 100
Medium 150
Large 200
Server Room
Small 75
Medium 150
Large 200
Stationery, Post, Copy Room
Small 50
Medium 75
Large 100